What are the Deliverables in Our Fitness Programs?

Today, fitness coaches are on the rise, which makes fitness a hugely competitive market. It takes careful planning and time to develop an effective fitness program that your members will love. 


How do you create a fitness program online that stands out from the crowd, and what steps do you need to take to make it a success? 


This week, we have Iggy Odhigizuwa, to share some best business practices for you to take your fitness coaching business to the next level. 


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Episode Highlights:


  1. Introduction [00:00]

  2. What actually needs to go into a high-ticket program? [01:00]

  3. Creating a transformational client experience, rather than just transactional. [03:41]

  4. Iggy’s perspective on having a one-on-one phone call weekly and the best way to provide personalized feedback. [07:04]

  5. The benefits of weekly group coaching. [12:05]

  6. More things you can do to turn your program into a high-value asset for your clients. [13:41]

  7. How to encourage your clients to show up on every coaching session. [14:56]

  8. How to deliver a nutritional system effectively. [22:37]

  9. How to get clients locked in emotionally to prevent them from dropping off. [27:23]

  10. Onboarding people in a way that’s non-scary and simple as possible. [28:26]

  11. What to do when your clients are attempting to quit and how to get them back in the game. [30:31]


Tune into this week’s episode of 7 Figure Fitness Business podcast — What are the Deliverables in Our Fitness Programs? Together with our guest Iggy Odighizuwa, our third partner in Systems by Design.


About Our Hosts:


Andrew Gaussen and Andrew Poulton are the Owners of Hypothyroid Body Transformation. Since its conception in 2017, the company has grown to over 40 staff with an annual turnover of more than $5 million, making it one of the most successful businesses of its type in the world.


In 2020, The Andrews teamed up with Iggy Odhigizuwa to create Systems by Design – A high-touch fitpro mentoring program. They created SBD because they hated seeing so many overpriced programs teaching organic marketing strategies that they feel should be given away for free.


Andrew Gaussen is an industry leader and expert in marketing and business analysis. He uses innovative paid-ads strategies to attract a consistent flow of high-quality fitness leads and his unique methods have helped 4 other business owners achieve a 7-figure run rate. His marketing innovation and genius are largely responsible for HypoBT’s stunning success.


Andrew Poulton has developed a world-class fitness sales system. His team consistently converts at over 65% and closes more than 100 high ticket sales each week. This staggering volume has allowed him to refine and test his script and processes more than any other fitness offer in the world. He is passionate about an ethical sales approach that places the needs of the prospect first.


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To Get Updated On The Latest Sales Tips, Tricks, Podcast Episodes, And Other Awesome Stuff, Check Out Our Newsletter