The 4 Common Traits of Our Most Successful Clients

There’s no secret ingredient for business success. You see, the pathway to achieving your goals isn’t always straight and easy. 


You face challenges and deal with failure. Do you give up? Of course not!


While the ability to think strategically leads you to the accomplishment of your targets, it is imperative that you implement in your life the characteristics that will help you win. In this episode, we will share with you the four must-have traits of every successful client we have. 


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Episode Highlights:


  1. The importance of fearlessness in clinching business success [1:42]

  2. How should you price your services? [4:23]

  3. Why is it vital to have a mentor when running a business [6:16]

  4. A successful person takes consistent action and focuses on the step-by-step path [9:23] 

  5. How to align your focus [10:26]

  6. Practicing honest, open, and effective communication [14:01]

  7. Learning from feedback and accepting criticism [15:57]

  8. How does having charisma and likability help grow your online fitness business [20:11]

  9. Making your online content relatable to the audience [22:41]


About Our Hosts:


Andrew Gaussen and Andrew Poulton are the Owners of Hypothyroid Body Transformation. Since its conception in 2017, the company has grown to over 40 staff with an annual turnover of more than $5 million, making it one of the most successful businesses of its type in the world.


In 2020, The Andrews teamed up with Iggy Odhigizuwa to create Systems by Design – A high-touch fitpro mentoring program. They created SBD because they hated seeing so many overpriced programs teaching organic marketing strategies that they feel should be given away for free.


Andrew Gaussen is an industry leader and expert in marketing and business analysis. He uses innovative paid-ads strategies to attract a consistent flow of high-quality fitness leads and his unique methods have helped 4 other business owners achieve a 7-figure run rate. His marketing innovation and genius are largely responsible for HypoBT’s stunning success.


Andrew Poulton has developed a world-class fitness sales system. His team consistently converts at over 65% and closes more than 100 high ticket sales each week. This staggering volume has allowed him to refine and test his script and processes more than any other fitness offer in the world. He is passionate about an ethical sales approach that places the needs of the prospect first.


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To Get Updated On The Latest Sales Tips, Tricks, Podcast Episodes, And Other Awesome Stuff, Check Out Our Newsletter