How Greg And Kristin Achieved $20k A Month In Their Fit-Biz

Hey Fit-Biz Owners!

Perseverance is key to one’s success. Like you didn’t know it already!

For this active, power couple, Greg and Kristin Garwood of Fit-Life Nation, it took quite a while to get the wheels turning in the right direction. After a few tries in organic marketing and fitness e-books, they finally got into paid ads. And it worked!

Listen in as Greg and Kristin talk about their journey before finding Systems By Design and how they almost gave up when the odds were against them.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. How Greg and Kristin’s personal experiences made them relatable to their target clients. [1:56]
  3. Exploring the other side of a fitness business and failing at it [4:57]
  4. Leaving a long time career to pursue their passion in helping people stay fit.[6:28]
  5. Why Systems by Design is a cut above the rest [8:40]
  6. Results in their fitness business since starting the program [12:31]
  7. Greg and Kristin’s limiting beliefs before joining the program [14:38]
  8. How fit-biz success impacted the lives of Greg and Kristin [17:15]
  9. How it is to be in a mentorship program where systems are being improved constantly [20:13]

About the Guest:

Greg and Kristin Garwood are the founders of Fit-Life Nation. Just like many of their clients, they are not genetically gifted fitness or sports competitors or pro bodybuilders. But through their personal quest in trying out different nutrition and training methods, they eventually discovered an effective formula to look good, feel better and live the fit life. Visit their website: https://fit-lifenation.com/

About the Hosts:

Andrew Gaussen and Andrew Poulton are business marketing and sales analytics experts, respectively, with a passion for creating impactful and profitable online fitness businesses. Together, they are the founders of Hypothyroid Body Transformation, a multiple 7-figure fitness business. They have been helping people conquer hypothyroidism through balanced nutrition and a well-rounded lifestyle since 2017. They also co-founded Systems By Design, an online coaching platform that aims to help fitness professionals grow their business to 7-figures.

Iggy Odighizuwa is also a Co-founder of Systems By Design and is the systems and automation specialist of the company. Iggy’s passion is helping coaches improve the quality and efficiency of their program delivery. He loves getting more done in less time and making what he calls “lazy money”. He is the author of The Ultimate Client Acquisition System. This system was designed to automate the process of attracting ideal clients whilst filtering out the bad fits.


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