From Personal Trainer to Online Business Owner: The 5 Hats to Wear

Hey, Fit-preneurs!

So, you think you have what it takes to be an online fitness business owner?

Tune in to this episode as we discuss the skill sets you need to have to effectively manage your online fitness business. We will also walk you through the things you should be prepared for as you leap from being a face to face personal trainer to being an online fitness entrepreneur.

Remember, it’s easier to get from Point A to Point B when you understand the process you’ll need to go through and the roles you’ll need to fulfil. 

Go for growth! Listen to this episode now.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. What hats does Andrew G wear as an online business owner? [1:24]
  3. Marketing, sales, delivery, messaging, and administrative work [2:08]
  4. The dangers of ignoring things you don’t like [3:57]
  5. Skills you need as you transition from a trainer to an online business owner [4:40]
  6. Going online: Common issues or areas of uncertainty [8:46]
  7. Advantages of systemising [10:23]
  8. Face-to-face vs. virtual communication [11:29]
  9. Establishing online connections with prospects [14:38]
  10. Outsourcing admins [16:10]
  11. How does having a VA help you succeed? [18:02]

About the Hosts:

Andrew Gaussen and Andrew Poulton are business marketing and sales analytics experts, respectively, with a passion for creating impactful and profitable online fitness businesses. Together, they are the founders of Hypothyroid Body Transformation, a multiple 7-figure fitness business. They have been helping people conquer hypothyroidism through balanced nutrition and a well-rounded lifestyle since 2017. They also co-founded Systems By Design, an online coaching platform that aims to help fitness professionals grow their business to 7-figures. 

Iggy Odighizuwa is also a Co-founder of Systems By Design and is the systems and automation specialist of the company. Iggy’s passion is helping coaches improve the quality and efficiency of their program delivery. He loves getting more done in less time and making what he calls “lazy money”.  He is the author of The Ultimate Client Acquisition System. This system was designed to automate the process of attracting ideal clients whilst filtering out the bad fits.


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To Get Updated On The Latest Sales Tips, Tricks, Podcast Episodes, And Other Awesome Stuff, Check Out Our Newsletter