Be The Best Fit-preneur: Take Risks And Invest In Yourself!

Listen in as Matt Ryder shares how he grew his businesses by having the right mindset, getting coached by the best mentors, attracting loyal staff, and having a super systematized business. 

Honing your skill sets and getting mentored by more successful people is an investment, not a risk.

Growing an uber-successful business requires time, money, and knowledge. You may be a very, very good personal trainer, but if you suck at running a fitness business…it’s about time to take that leap of faith and learn how to be more business-savvy. 

If spending money on something helps you to achieve your business goals, it’s not a risk. 

Know what’s stalling your business success and invest in solutions that will get you to your ultimate goal. Often, it’s riskier not to take chances!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. How Matt’s business grew in extreme degree the past 18 months [1:24]
  3. Let your people grow without you [3:13]
  4. Investing in your business and your skillset – a good business foundation  [4:45] 
  5. Being ethical in your business will attract the right people to work with you 9:14
  6. Matt’s business mentors and where he draws inspiration from [11:40]
  7. Provide systems of responsibility for people to be able to step up  [13:01]
  8. The two types of people when it comes to Investing in Business Coaching [18:27]
  9. The best mentorship programs Matt has invested in [23:49]
  10. Afraid to fail? It’ll only keep you where you are at now, not where you want to be [24:58]
  11. Successful people lean into things with a lot more aggression and enthusiasm [27:21]
  12. Take the leap of faith – get a business mentor  [33:54] 
  13. Comfort is a breeding ground for mediocrity [39:06]
  14. Develop relationships with your mentors and progress down the line with them. [42:19]
  15. How to take risks but not make stupid decisions [46:03]
  16. What’s next for Matt Ryder, Sales Sniper and 7th Level Communications  [54:47 ]

About Our Guest:

Matt Ryder is an ex- Special Forces sniper turned Sales Sniper. He’s the CEO of 7th Level Communications and Sales Sniper Consulting. As a business owner, Matt is a high performer and understands how essential selling and persuasion are to people who want to succeed in life and business.

About the Hosts:

Andrew Gaussen and Andrew Poulton are business marketing and sales analytics experts, respectively, with a passion for creating impactful and profitable online fitness businesses. Together, they are the founders of Hypothyroid Body Transformation, a multiple 7-figure fitness business. They have been helping people conquer hypothyroidism through balanced nutrition and a well-rounded lifestyle since 2017. They also co-founded Systems By Design, an online coaching platform that aims to help fitness professionals grow their business to 7-figures. 

Iggy Odighizuwa is also a Co-founder of Systems By Design and is the systems and automation specialist of the company. Iggy’s passion is helping coaches improve the quality and efficiency of their program delivery. He loves getting more done in less time and making what he calls “lazy money”.  He is the author of The Ultimate Client Acquisition System. This system was designed to automate the process of attracting ideal clients whilst filtering out the bad fits.


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To Get Updated On The Latest Sales Tips, Tricks, Podcast Episodes, And Other Awesome Stuff, Check Out Our Newsletter