Ask Us Anything: Marketing, Sales And Systems

Hey, fitness entrepreneurs! 


In this episode, we answer some questions you had about our three areas of expertise; marketing, sales and the systems your business needs to really scale. We hold nothing back in this detailed and candid interview, and give away a lot of our most valuable information.


We hope you get heaps of value from it.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [0:00]

  2. The most important thing to know and do before running Facebook paid ads online [0:55]

  3. Why it’s important to close high ticket fitness sales calls in one call [2:37]

  4. Leveraging by using automated systems [5:00]

  5. The estimated expense of Facebook paid ads for both experts and beginners [9:51]

  6. Advice for beginners in the fitness business [11:53]

  7. How much should you charge for your online fitness program? [14:13]

  8. Don’t bite off more than you can chew [21:03]

  9. What you can offer in your online fitness program that matches its value to the price tag [23:34]

  10. Paid ads for beginners: Yay or Nay? [27:02]

  11. Basic components of a good brand and a bad one [29:02]

  12. Pricing differences and pricing recommendations according to country [34:51]

  13. Outsourcing sales for beginners: Dos and Don’ts [37:13]

  14. Brands outperforming others in certain countries? [42:41]

  15. The significance of knowing your market [45:24]

  16. It’s crucial to know your audience [47:16]

  17. Making data gathering easier [48:26]

About the hosts:



Andrew Gaussen and Andrew Poulton are business and marketing analytics experts with a passion for fitness and making big money out of it. Together, they are the founders of the Hypothroid Body Transformation. Helping people conquer hypothyroidism through balanced nutrition and a well-rounded lifestyle since 2017. They also co-founded Systems By Design. An online coaching platform that aims to help fitness professionals of all sizes grow their business to a 7-figure measure.



Iggy Odighizuwa is the systems and automation specialist at Systems By Design. He is the author of what he now calls the Ultimate Client Acquisition System. This system was designed to attract ideal clients while filtering the bad fits.




If you would like help in creating or growing your online business, you can learn more by booking a call with us through this link:  https://go.systems-by-design.com/breakthrough-session


Connect with us:


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To Get Updated On The Latest Sales Tips, Tricks, Podcast Episodes, And Other Awesome Stuff, Check Out Our Newsletter